Our location

The school is situated on a five-acre campus at the intersection of Highway 401 and Highway 404 in the heart of metro Toronto. From the school, there is convenient access to the airport, the bus station, and the subway system. The school is within walking distance of the Sheppard, Victoria Park, and Don Mills bus routes, as well as the Don Mills subway station on the Sheppard Ave line.

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Our facilities

The school occupies a former commercial office building and sports complex with a total of 80,000 square feet of space on two floors. Classrooms are bright, modern, and climate-controlled. Specialty classrooms include three science laboratories, three computer laboratories, and separate studios for the art, music, and drama classes. The athletic and recreational facilities include a 25-metre indoor swimming pool, three squash courts, a soccer field, a basketball/hockey court, a playground, an indoor track, and a weight training and aerobics room.

Science laboratories

NTCS has two senior level science laboratories for senior science courses. A fully equipped chemistry and biology lab complete with water, natural gas, fume hood, and all necessary chemicals and glassware allows students to conduct a wide range of hands-on experimentation as part of their class work. The second lab is a "dry" lab, primarily for physics, that includes computers and electronic probe-ware. A third science laboratory has work benches with water and electricity for conducting experiments appropriate for the grade 7-9 level.

Computer laboratories

Three computer laboratories allow students at all grade levels access to high-speed Internet services and Google Classrooms. The math curriculum starting in grade 1 includes a coding component and distinct computer programming classes begin in grade 7. Advanced computer science courses are available through the high school program to grade 12, preparing our students for post-secondary studies in computer science, engineering, and other STEM disciplines.

Fine arts studios


A spacious music complex with private practice rooms is available for students in our instrumental music program, which is compulsory from grade 3 through grade 8. High school students can choose music as an elective course through grade 12. All musical instruments are provided to our students at no cost.

Visual arts

Our visual arts studio provides a generous space for junior and senior high arts students and includes a ceramic kiln for pottery units in the senior grades. Our students' artwork is displayed throughout the school and students design the annual student agenda and handbook covers. Every year, NTCS encourages its students to enter various artistic competitions that invite submissions.


NTCS conducts drama classes and performances in its drama theatre. This space allows students to design and build sets; create and select props; and perform skits and plays for students and parents in a dedicated area.

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